Magistrate Richard E. Andronici Resigns Abruptly

The longtime municipal magistrate of Westampton had abruptly resigned in a strongly worded letter defending his performance. Richard who has a history of practicing law from the bench might be 1 of many reasons his conduct was addressed.

Richard E. Andronici, who was the westampton magistrate for 12 years, had written a letter on the 6 of March with his resignation letter. The letter was written to Mayor Carolyn Chang — with copies to Superior Court Assignment magistrate Ronald E. Bookbinder and others in which he rebuts criticism he says Chang leveled at him at a recent meeting. Chang was on vacation unavailable for comment.

The magistrate ends the letter by declining a one-year appointment he says she offered, asserting it was “legally questionable” because a 3-year appointment is required. State law and a 1989 state court decision in a Passaic case says municipal judgeships are for 3 years.

Township committee has appointed a new municipal magistrate Mr. Rodney Thompson of Ewing at a yearly salary of $40,152 without benefits. The Townships administrator Ms. Donna Ryan said he is not expected to begin work until April and will preside Thursday mornings.

Mr. Thompson will remain a full-time municipal magistrate in Trenton, where he was appointed in 2012. His salary there was not immediately available. He declined to be interviewed or provide his resume or any comments on his new position.

In the letter, Andronici said he polled lawyers about his performance and asked them to reach out to others who have appeared before him and ask their opinions anonymously after the mayor expressed concerns about his performance.

Mr. Andronici said; “I received extremely favorable comments concerning all of the necessary qualifications for a magistrate: temperament, integrity, fairness, legal ability and work ethic,”. “You made it clear during our meeting that you were unable to provide that full commitment due to concerns about my performance. Continuing in my position without that full commitment will impair my ability to perform judicial duties,” he concluded.

One must question the validity of his so called favorable comments.

Andronici continues to serve as municipal magistrate in nine other Burlington County towns and has been a magistrate for 22 years.

Magistrate Ronald Bookbinder issued a court order appointing chief presiding municipal magistrate Dennis McInerney to fill the void until a new magistrate starts.

Many have said that Mr. Richard is unjust, and a ruthless magistrate who has conducted himself through the years as some one who cares but when confronted by people who represent/present themselves and the Constitution or he simple does not like for whatever reason he has a hard time of accepting that and retaliates with unlawful actions, threats, coercion and deceitfulness.

He has been known with practicing law from the bench like putting in pleas for defendants throughout his career in which is considered malpractice & Ethical Misconduct and maybe this has caught up to him and lead to his abrupt resignation in Westampton.

If anyone has has a bad experience with this magistrate please comment below and or file a complaint with Supreme Court of New Jersey Advisory Committee On Judicial Conduct here 

We The People Must Not Tolerate This Type Of Misconduct By Any Public Servant And Hold Them Accountable For Their Actions.

Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct How to File Complaint About a Judge

What the Committee needs is a signed letter or complaint form, identifying the judge and specifying exactly what it was that the judge did or did not do to give rise to the complaint. If it was something the judge said, quote the judge as best you can recall. Enclose any documents that you think support your complaint. Send the letter to: The ACJC, PO Box 037, Trenton, NJ 08625-0037. And write “complaint about a judge” somewhere on the envelope.

When we receive a letter of complaint in this office, we make nine photocopies of the complaint and any supporting documents sent with it, such as transcripts. A couple of weeks before one of the Committee’s meetings, which take place every five or six weeks, we forward one copy to each member of the Committee. The members review the complaint, along with other materials regarding other matters, and they discuss it at their next meeting. They then decide if there is a basis for a charge of improper judicial conduct that might lead to the institution of formal judicial disciplinary proceedings.

If the members decide that there is no basis for disciplinary action, they will direct us to let you know. If, on the other hand, they decide that there may be such a basis, they will direct that an investigation be conducted and they will determine the scope of such an investigation. In that event, you will not be kept apprised of the status of the matter, but you will be notified if your further participation is needed and you will certainly be notified of the Committee’s eventual disposition.

When formulating your letter to the Committee, please keep in mind the fact that the Committee is a disciplinary panel, not a court. The nine members are all private citizens and they are not empowered to determine whether any judicial decision is correct under the law or the facts of a particular case. Only an appeals court is empowered to review judicial decisions, upon the timely filing of an appeal. The Committee’s jurisdiction runs to questions of judicial conduct, not judicial decisions, and its disciplinary actions have no impact of any sort on court cases.



  • I never knew why this judge was so nasty. He’s unfair n unjust

  • Michelle Hildebrand666

    I have been,dealing with Judge Andronici for many years. In hainesport Township court and mt holly. He always treated me like a criminal. Here I am in court for dumb things, I am absolutely no criminal. But he continually locks me up in jail for not paying fines. I have written him several times and asked if I could possibly do weekends to pay off my fines..but he won’t hear that. He won’t even take off money from my fine for time I have spent in jail. He has scarred me for life. I am completely scared to go to court, any court, for fear that I will go to jail. I have written to him about all my hardships but to no avail. He told me he wants his money. Which I would pay if I could but I have no job and care for two,elderly parents. I collect food stamps to feed my children and myself. I have NOTHING!! SO YES…HE IS VERY MUCH UNREASONABLE AND MEAN!!

    • I agree I have same issue.hes is wrong his carts did u wrong n he will not even let u speak I strongly suggest putting in complaints I am I have a criminal record sale I am not a criminal I am a victim of the severe police brutality and severe domestic violence on my ex-husband who turned my son against me with parental alienation he has for family members that are high up in her off along with judge when I was in jail for 2 months over up stupid parking ticket that Maple Shade officer never issued me I am homeless beat up by them it’s insane but I strongly agree on this website I just saw I am not going to court until I get the issue straighten out Maple Shade because I’m being charged with eight or nine things that I did not do and judge did not give me video crt trial was scheduled for in out no Crt date noone knew nothing?N low n behold I had warrants.. and the first time I saw him he went off on me and he didn’t even give me a chance to speak it’s un Fair.cops and judges assume destroy u cause they can…it’s illegal what happened to me and court with him and judge mine and the Cinnaminson police I was raped at a motel they blackmailed me and they’re not coming around there they sent my court notice to a bogus address and they have me arrested for contempt and they were saying I was guilty for lying and thank God I had a good public defender cousin hour before court I thought I was in jail for nothing for 2 months being set up and I thought I was on the job for another 2 years on lying about a rape when I wasn’t buying it was dismissed but my life is in shambles over it no one deserves a treat no one like that the police and the judges are so unfair but we need to take a stand for our self and speak up and put in complaints thanks honey I wish you the best Audrey

  • Who wrote this article and were there any additional complaints?

  • He is unfair and unjust . He discriminates and is ignorant. His tone is rude and arrogant. He loves himself. Im knew something was funny about him. Not surprised.

  • What a loser, ignorant, rude, wouldn’t know law if it fell in front of him. No lawyers praised him, LIE, Lo life

  • I had the misfortune to be jacked around, first with an absurdist traffic stop for driving while in New Jersey. I then had the misfortune to encounter racketeer Richard Andronici and his absurdist prosecutorial assistants. To make the appearance, I had to drive hours from Connecticut. I was made to return to that court more than once, so three or four days’ time were shot by his absurdist procedure in this absurdist proceeding that followed from driving while in New Jersey. Banditry, piracy, kidnapping, and theft are crimes — unless it is the Federalis (excuse me, New Jersey authorities) who are doing the banditry, piracy, kidnapping, and theft. My “fine” was in the $200 range, and after that I saw how Andronici handled the next case. He gave a woman an even higher “fine”, in the $300 range, for throwing a cigarette butt out the window of her car. So, he was absurdist with me, and he was worse with her, and he clearly was scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of leaning on these other cases, where the defendants clearly lacked the means / wherewithal to pay their “fines.” In my view, Richard Andronici is an extortionist, a racketeer, and a sociopath. Subsequent to the unpleasant encounter, I (1.) boycotted the state of New Jersey, and re-routed further travel through Pennsylvania; (2.) became an expatriate / moved out of the United States; and (3.) renounced my U.S. citizenship.

    • Hi John. we appreciate your comment. We agree with you on Richards conduct and should be addressed to the New Jersey board. He should be held accountable for his actions and be suspended from his position for the many oath violations. Many people don’t know they have rights to report these goonies. Wish you the very best. Thank you for your comment!

  • Jeanette Bartholomew

    I understand. This judge is nothing but a bully. My case was finished. He said come to the hearing with your proof of meetings list and proof you had an evaluation by alliance and we are done, you never see me again. I arrived, documents in hand and was humiliated and accused of new charges. When I tried to defend myself and show these he screamed. Told me I better get myself a lawyer and I have one week to arrange defense for his next date. He treats you like a piece of dirt.

  • The most disrespectful Judge to ever sit on the Bench. Laughed at me when I stated I’m unemployed. When I barked at him “you think it’s funny I’m unemployed?” He coward in front of the entire Courtroom and waived the $200.00 he ordered me to pay the Public Pretenders Office. I have no respect for this coward and I illustrate it everytime I step in his Court. I’ve been appearing in front of him since March 2017 as of this writing (Dec. 2017) for a DUI offense.

  • I have dealt with this criminal judge in pemberton and hainsport. If you know him personally you have a good chance of beating any case, or if you line his pockets. Otherwise prepare to pay a fine twice as much as stated along with surcharges. Burlington county is one of the most corrupt counties in NJ. From the police to the judges. Everything John K said is 1000% correct.

  • CORRUPTION CORRUPTION CORRUPTION. I am a retired Cop from this County, I first hand have seen his derogatory demeanor in action, he does treat people like crap, he does think he is GOD, he is a Sociopath through and through. I being the LAW was embarrassed to wear the Uniform, and felt so much sympathy towards the people he treated like crap, that I just simply stopped enforcing the LAW. No tickets, & no arrests. He is such a Piece of Crap. I feel as if EVERY Judge who presides on the BENCH should have to go through extreme Psychological testing like I had to, to enforce NJ laws. I thought I never say, most my fellow Brothers & Sisters in Burlington County Towns plus those assisigned to the Counties Prosecutors Office all have same deameanor, and GOD COMPLEX such as JMC Andronici.

    One more problem I have with the legal Justice system in NJ. Are you a JUDGE or an ATTORNEY???? I do believe its a conflict of interest not only for the STATE of NJ but for the CITIZENS TOO!!!! That a Judge should hold no position as a Private Practice Attorney, or be in any partnership or affliation with any LAW FIRMS, as HE or SHE is Presiding on ANY BENCH…. Same FOR MUNICIPLE & SUPERIOR COURT PROSECUTORS…. One or the other PEOPLE!!!!
    The County of Burlington is so MISMANAGED & most PAID LEADERS are CORRUPT.
    Time for US to CLEAN IT UP!!!!

    • Hi John, thank you for sharing your honest and unbias experiences and truth. It’s these types of comments that can help the community stay informed and aware of how so many of these public officials violate their oaths every single day. You sound like you where one of the good cops and appreciate your service. Would love to possibly interview you and can be private and confidential. We need to hold these people accountable and more people like yourself who speak up are the heroes. Thank you! Cheers to your courageousness. 🙂 Emilio

  • Joseph S Miller

    He gave me 30 days in jail for littering and a fine

  • a witness to the crime

    There are at least two “Judges” in Burlington County now following this buffoon’s behavior: Peter C Lange and Dennis McInerney. They target the poor and ingratiate themselves with the local Republican law-makers through high fines and unlawful “contempt” sanctions. The irony of calling these men Judges should be lost on no one; they are desperate attorneys turning tricks in cheap, black muumuus.

  • a witness to the crime

    There are at least two “Judges” in Burlington County now following this buffoon’s behavior: Peter C Lange and Dennis McInerney. They target the poor and ingratiate themselves with the local Republican law-makers through high fines and unlawful “contempt” sanctions. The irony of calling these men Judges should be lost on no one; they are desperate, “not able” attorneys turning tricks in cheap, black muumuus.

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