Doctor accused of hacking his previous Delran grad friends

Peter Grossman, 29, who lives in Center City, was charged with identity theft and invasion of privacy. He was previously a physician at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

The former doctor was accused of hacking the social media accounts of more than a dozen former DELRAN TOWNSHIP, N.J high school classmates. Police say there could be more victims.

According to investigators, 29-year-old Peter Grossman had stolen the identities of 25 women he knew – in order to obtain photos of them off of their iCloud, Facebook and Snapfish accounts.

Police say almost all of the women were fellow 2005 graduates of Delran High School and had not spoken to Grossman in years.

“If you’re going to hack something I would think you would be hacking a bank account or something, not Facebook,” says former Delran High School grad, Maureen Henderson.

Officials say the 2,000 photos found on six different devices belonging to the suspect contained almost no sexually explicit content.

The suspect, a former Jefferson University Hospital doctor, meticulously combed through public photos of victims to determine possible password clues, say police.

“I texted it to my cousin because she was in his class. It’s just weird,” said Henderson.

Police have identified 12 of the 25 women whose photos were stolen. They are asking anyone who feels like they may have been victimized to contact authorities.

One victim, who did not want to be identified, advised to look out for notifications that passwords have been changed – and additional contacts added into your phone.

Grossman has been charged with multiple identity theft and invasion of privacy offenses.

Grossman’s who has hired attorney, Brian McGonagle, who has handled several high-profile cases in the region

There has been no response as of yet.

Grossman was released after a recent hearing at Superior Court in Mount Holly, and his case will be presented to a grand jury, authorities said.

Anyone who has further information can call Delran Police at 856-461-4498, extension 149.

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