Delran ShopRite Supermarket $1 Per Limes—Are They Serious?

The ShopRite of Delran, New Jersey are selling limes for $1 each. Don’t go run out the door just yet because this is not a deal you want to throw your money away on…

One of our subscribers emailed us sharing their unbelievable shopping experience today at the Delran ShopRite, and we couldn’t believe the lime price news!


Delran ShopRite Limes – 3 for $2.99 each 

$1 per lime…. are you serious, ShopRite?! Is this a mistake?? Well, according to the supermarket, this isn’t.


Thinking the price was a mistake, the consumer called and spoke with Dan, the Manager, who said this is their pricing for the next few weeks. 

Can someone say, bonkers! 


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Do you think ShopRite are overpricing their customers by selling limes for $1 each? Would you pay a dollar for a lime or do you think it is overpriced? Comment on your experiences below.

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